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If you were in your late teens-early 20s when the Notorious B.I.G. debuted with “Juicy,” prepare to feel your age. The baby girl whose ears Biggie put five carats in is now a 18 year old college student.

T’yanna Wallace and her mother, Jan Jackson, stopped by New York City morning radio show, Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show With Kay Foxx recently. The mother and daughter team spoke about their relationship with Faith Evans and Lil Kim.

While neither woman had a negative word to say about Lil Kim or Faith Evans, Jan made it clear she and Kim don’t speak, but it’s not because they don’t like each other. Lil Kim and T’yanna Wallace don’t speak because they lost touch. T’yanna said she has no beef with Lil kim and would speak to her if she saw her on the street.

Check out the clip below.


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