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A lot of folks ‘assume’ that Queen Latifah is gay even though she has never publicly admitted it. She’s been seen on what appeared to be “dates” with women and was rumored to be romantically linked to celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. Now, Queen Latifah will headline this year’s Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival.

IF Queen Latifah is gay, do you think its really necessary for her to “hide” it? I don’t. Check out how Rhymes with Snitch is reporting it:

For years Queen Lafitah has been the subject of lesbian rumors, which she famously will neither confirm nor deny even in the face of overwhemling evidence [click herehere and here if you missed that], and next month Queen Latifah vagina watchers will spontaneously combust into anxious clouds of glitter in anticipation of whether or not this is the year Queen Latifah finally decides to come out.

Queen Latifah headlines The Long Beach Lesbian and & Gay Pride Festival concert on May 19.


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