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So, what do you do when no one’s paying attention to your music? You pull a publicity stunt!

These days, the traditional means of getting attention involves exposure of your body parts. I guess Soulja Boy decided to give it a try as he “accidentally” posted a revealing photo of himself on tumblr…

From Rhymes With Snitch

I guess that stunt with Bow Wow wasn’t enough to increase downloads for Soulja Boy’s new mixtape because Soulja has resorted to exposing himself online…

The other day Soulja Boy accidentally on purpose uploaded this picture to his Tumblr page.

I’ve cropped out the naughty bits but if I had to describe it in two words:

big and bumpy

Anywaydoe, Soulja Boy quickly deleted the photo and replaced it with this halfhearted apology,

“I apologize to [sic] ever seen that, accident.”

Sure you do Soulja Boy. Sure you do.
Now, if you’re curious to see the uncensored photo, you’re gonna have to be resourceful and do some googling…lol