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In today’s installment of As The Pop Star Love Life Turns, Rihanna’s special friend, maybe boyfriend or possible ex, Chris Brown, might still be spending Christmas with her in Barbados. Why? I mean, you’d probably want to spend Christmas with Rih-Rih, too, if you could.

Is this rumor completely ridiculous? Possibly, but who knows with these two. I’m sure we’ll all get some confirmation courtesy of Instagram in due time – where you can also get a laugh out of the people who write 500-word essays on their relationship.

In the meantime, here’s the holiday-themed rumor:

It’s Christmas and Rihanna‘s got that holiday cheer, as has exclusively learned that Ri has yet to uninvite ex-boyfriend Chris Brown to her Barbados Christmas shindig!

“Rihanna ain’t the type of b***h to go ahead and uninvite Chris to her Christmas party,” a source reveals to

The source also schooled us, informing us that Rihanna’s mother constantly asks about Chris because he’s incredibly close to the family.

“Her moms be asking about Chris and trying to see what’s up between them. Her mom’s always in her ear, cheering her up and giving her relationship advice all the time. I’m not all up in their [conversations,] but I know Monica, if nothing else, is someone Rihanna confides in, so she’s in good hands.”

As reported earlier, Rihanna and company will have a fabulous Christmas, as the pop star rented out a $21.8 million beachfront penthouse in Barbados for her family and friends.

Among the guests who will lounge at the uber chic One Sandy Lane in Barbados will include Rihanna’s mother, Monica Braithwaite, younger brother, Rajad, and rounding out the guest list will be her enormous entourage.


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