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Ludacris is moving forward with his new LP Battle of the Sexes, but he’s also looking back — his new single “How Low” is a trip down memory lane, to the days when he had long corn-rolls and rocked the herringbone chain.

“We really was just taking it back,” ‘Cris said on the set of Shawty Lo’s “Atlanta, GA” video in ATL recently. “We coming up on my 10-year anniversary in 2010 — thinking about the essence of ‘What’s Your Fantasy,’ but it’s the 2010 version. It’s about the clubs, the radio. I feel like everybody could relate.”

‘Cris teased that there will be a new rendition of “How Low” dropping soon, and it will be one of many.

“I can’t tell you too much about the remix,” he smiled. “We got a lot of different versions. We got a lot of versions from a lot of people — you will be surprised.”

Although the official video for “How Low” has yet to be released, a group of young ladies from Atlanta called the Twerk Team has put out their own visual for the song, and the clip has made its way around all the hip-hop blogs.

“I can’t control what people do to my song,” ‘Cris said. “Am I inspired by it? Hell yeah. I’m inspired by the Twerk Team version of my song. I encourage people, if you are of age, to do what you want to do with the song creatively. You are artists, I can’t block that.”

Next week Luda is putting out his Conjure Cognac mixtape, with some of the freestyles and remixes he’s been working on, including Roscoe Dash’s “All Da Way Turnt Up.”

“I love that beat,” he said. “The ‘All Da Way Turnt Up’ beat inspired me. Soon as I heard it, I said, ‘I gotta do something to it.’ “

A release date for Battle of the Sexes has not yet been set.

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