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I’m telling you now, this ones gonna be a little, um… well, different.

Under normal circumstances, I would take one look at Gucci Mane deciding to publicly sever ties with the label he started, 1017 Brick Squad Monopoly, over Twitter, and go ham. I’d wanna know why they didn’t unplug the computer when he felt the best thing to do was tell every Twitter followers that every member of his label had been robbed for their chains and shot except for him. Why they found the floor sooo interesting when Gucc implied that he caught Deb Antney in the sack with French Montana, knowing he didn’t mean she was borrowing weed.  I’d need to know why NOBODY said ANYTHING…

Normally. But this is different for about five main reasons…

First, it’s because I completely understand any and all reluctance to speak logically to a dude like Gucci. It stands to reason that a man with a tattoo of an ice cream cone on his face probably doesn’t entertain advice pretty well.

Second, you can make a case that a guy who would kick a female out of a moving car and film it, probably wont react well to most forms of resistance.

Third, a guy who speaks like Leon Spinks and types like the one child left behind cant be the easiest dude to communicate with.

Fourth, if you put one and two together with the fact that at a guy who’s built like a wood panel station wagon, looks like he eat rubber bullets and who’s been known to launch off stage and land flying punches on female audience members may not be stable enough to confront without a muzzle, handcuffs and a team of tazer guns

And lastly, the fact that his “boys” are the people he’s flipping on basically means there’s no one to tell him anything at all.

Add this to the fact that I myself don’t want any problems with said individual because, well… I don’t have a Hummer to hit him with, basically boils down to me being on your side.

I’m not saying yall should have let Gucc write… but I understand.


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