10) Drake Is Still Rich…

With over 5 Million albums sold Drake has never run out of ways to remind us of how much money he has. Despite rapping that he is “Rich enough not to have to tell them that I’m rich,” he dedicates plenty of bars on NWTS to that very pursuit:

“Comin off the last record/I’m getting 20 million off the record/Just to off these records/ N*gga, that’s a record..” – “Tuscan Leather”

9) And We’re All Still Jealous…

“N*ggaz downplaying the money but that’s what you do when the money down…jealousy in the air tonight I can tell/ I will never understand that, oh well..” – “The Language”

8) Drake Is Still Having Lots Of Sex…

“P*ssy so good you gotta come see me on tour and you flying first class” – “The Language”

“How you feel about coming home wit a n*gga for the night?/if you nervous hit the lights/ I know we only fuckin outta spite/ cuz your man don’t do you right…” – “Wu-Tang Forever”

10 Things That Are Still The Same About Drake  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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