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Kanye West has dispensed with the mild-mannered persona that he debuted in his interview with Kris Jenner and most recently during his popular sit-down with BBC One’s Zane Low. In fact, the spoofing of the latter interview by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has inspired a good old fashioned Twitter rant by the best ranter around.


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The verbal barrage began around 5PM tonight and went right at Kimmel for a sketch featuring two little kids pretending to be Kanye and Zane. Yeezus was not amused.

“Jimmy Kimmel is out of line to try and spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years,” he began. “Jimmy Kimmel,  I don’t take it as a joke. You don’t have scum bags hopping over fences trying to take pictures of your daughter.”

Kanye then pivots from being offended to taking shots at Kimmel, “Put yourself in my shoes. Oh, that means you would have gotten too much good p*ssy in your life.  You can’t put yourself in my shoes. Your face looks crazy. Is that funny? Or if I had a kid say it would be funny??? Should I do a spoof about your face or you f*cking Ben Affleck #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL!!!!”

The cycle went from anger back to acknowledging that he likes (liked?) Kimmell as he recalled attending  a wedding for one his family members, but then said he was a manipulative media mother*cker.  Kanye finished off his rant by stating that Sarah Silverman is funnier than Kimmel and that the whole world knows it.

The cherry on top was tweeting this photo of a Kimmel meme referring to him as a woman’s private parts.


Kimmel responded like any late night comedian would–on Twitter.

“Apparently @KanyeWest is VERY VERY ANGRY with me,” he wrote. “I’ll tell you the whole story about @kanyewest tonight on the show – this is not a prank, I promise (unless it’s being played on me).”

Read all of the Tweets after the jump and we guess tune in to Kimmel tonight to see where this goes. But hey Kanye, people spoof you. This is what comedians do to famous people with a lot of money. Be worried when they stop.

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