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This past weekend was definitely the time for Hip Hop! In addition to the BET Hip Hop Award Show taping, another huge draw for the industry took place at Robert Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta with the  Atlanta Hip Hop Day Festival. About 3,000 people made it to park during the 2-day event to celebrate the evolution of hip hop in its various forms. And, it was all good! Not one problem. It was quite inspiring to see people of different backgrounds, ages and races come together to celebrate a music genre that this city that has helped to define and promote.

The 3rd Annual Hip Hop Day Festival showcased all the elements of Hip Hop: B-Boy and B-Girl Exhibits, Emcee Battles, Live-on-stage Rap Performances, Turn-table and Mix Competitions as well as Graffiti artists. This festival particularly creates a buzz in the streets, because  it recognizes  underground and  up-and-coming Hip Hip Artists.  The stage continually boomed with performances by Rich Ridz, ShopBoyz, Kwony Cash, Mykko Montana and dozens more!

Event coordinator, Arall Charles from MC War, dedicated this year’s Atlanta Hip-Hop Day Festival to Trayvon Martin. And to that end, the show was stopped for a special performance by Atlanta’s Windsor Jones to honor the teen. Remarks were given by criminal justice attorney, Mawuli Mel Davis, who represents many artists including Lil Scrappy. Mr. Davis warned about the pitfalls of racial profiling, which many men and women of color can fall victim to.

As Ice Cube put it, “It was a good day.” Well actually, it was a good “two days” to enjoy the beauty of hip-hop. Check out the pictures.


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