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Mindless Behavior Break Up

Vincent Herbert’s boy band Mindless Behavior loses their lead singer…

Over the weekend Craig ‘Prodigy’ Crippen’s mother made that announcement that her son, the lead singer, was no longer part of the group.

Insiders say singer Jacob Latimore is being considered for Prodigy’s replacement.

Ciara Upset Over Baby News Leak?

First of all do not believe the lies Future is saying, that it’s a rumor that Ciara is Pregnant! For as long as we’ve seen CiCi on the scene she has always had a wash board stomach, now all of a sudden she looks like she’s eaten a couple of meatballs. Unless she has that same issue that Cynthia Bailey has that causes her to look pregnant…. But wasn’t. For weeks there have been rumors that Ciara and her fiance Future were expecting their first child together. Sources say the rumors are totally true and Ciara is pissed that the news has leaked…

Insiders tell Sandra Rose Ciara is excited about her new baby but upset that the news leaked ahead of her upcoming wedding.

The source tells Sandra Cici desperately wants to get married before she gives birth.

Kanye West Re-Claims Confederate Flag

Kanye West has been catching heat for using the Confederate Flag on his Yeezus tour merchandise. Get used to it cause Yeezy says the Confederate flag is his now… Kanye tells 97.1 in LA

‘React how you want. Any energy you got is good energy. You know the confederate flag represented slavery in a way — that’s my abstract take on what I know about it.’

‘So I made the song New Slaves. So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag now. Now what are you going to do?’

Chris Brown Catches a Break

Chris Brown catches a huge break in his latest assault case after investigators fail to find video footage of the incident…

Last week Chris Brown was arrested in Washington D.C. after he was accused of punching a fan in the face who tried to photo-bomb him and two female fans.

After Chris and the victim gave conflicting accounts of the incident investigators went on the hunt for surveillance video to find out who was telling the truth. The search turned up nothing.

Chris Brown’s version of events has been backed up by Secret Service agents who claim they overheard the victim say Chris never touched him

Gabourey Sidibe Puts Cast member in Check?

Sources claim American Horror Story: Coven star Gabourey Sidibe is totally fed up with cast mate Emma Roberts behavior on set of the hit TV series and put the teen starlet in check…

From Star Magazine,

An insider on the set of American Horror Story: Coven says that star Emma Roberts is a witch with a capital B – and her costar Gabourey Sidibe is ready to put a hex on her!

“Emma complains about the tiniest things and won’t speak to crew members,” whispers the witness.

“Gabby finally told Emma to cut her attitude and stop being rude.”

Stunned at the confrontation Emma scurried away.

Idris Elba Suffers Severe Asthma Attack

Actor Idris Elba was struck by a terrifying asthma attack on a flight bound for Johannesburg…

Idris Elba was seated on a flight from the UK to Johannesburg to promote his new film Mandela: A Long Walk of Freedom when he was struck by an asthma attack moments before the flight was to take off.

Idris was removed from the plane and rushed to a hospital forcing him to miss his appearance.

Idris explains the scary incident

“I’ve battled asthma most of my life and it just overwhelmingly took me down while I was on a plane. It was very scary.”

Marcus Paulk Charged with Domestic Violence

Back in August Moesha star Marcus T. Paulk was arrested for attacking his girlfriend because she wasn’t paying enough attention to him in the club.

Marcus has been officially charged…

Marcus’ girlfriend Andi Roxx told police Marcus punched her in the face and stomach and kicked her in the abdomen after accusing her of ignoring him in favor of other guys in the club.

Now, according to TMZ, Marcus has been charged with domestic violence and battery and faces up to four years in jail if convicted.

Porsha Stewart Puts Kordell on Blast

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Kordell Stewart is about to find out the hard way.

Gay rumors have been following Kordell since his days in the NFL and last night on the season 6 premier of Real Housewives of Atlanta Kordell’s estranged wife Porsha sent the rumors into overdrive…

During a sit down with her divorce lawyer Porsha hinted she was ready to put Kordell on blast after telling her lawyer that during divorce ugly secrets are revealed and that she’s ready to tell all. Later in a sit down with her mother and sister Porsha outright questioned Kordell’s sexuality bringing up the gay rumors and claiming Kordell didn’t want her, leaving her to question what did he want.

Nas and Melanie Fiona Dating ?

I think we have a new couple alert, Melanie Fiona and Nas. They were spotted at an event in NYC there were a few celeb guests there including Russell Simmons, Harvey Weinstein, Crystal Anthony, Spike and Tonya Lee, and a few others. But the source noticed how Melanie and Nas were attached to each other for most of the night, basically not letting each other out their sight.

Nicki Minaj Is Mad Because She Wasn’t Featured On Drake’s Album

Nicki Minaj is pretty salty about Drake not putting her on his album, she actually doesn’t understand it. I mean Birdman was on the album, but Wayne, Tyga and her were missing. I see it like this Drake is trying to get to new levels in his career and I’m pretty sure it’s nothing personal it’s all business…. Nicki Throws a little shade by saying Drake can do him, but she is YMCMB for life… Clearly your not trying to grow as an artist… Branch out.

Recently TattleTailzz had a debate who was the King of New York and finally… Nicki and I agree that Jay Z is the King of New York! The rap star spoke to Power 105 after her Powerhouse 2013 performance last night in Brooklyn. Nicki Minaj talked to Angela Yee, Charlemagne and DJ Envy about Kendrick Lamar’s control verse, and Nicki called herself the King & Queen Of New York. Later the rap superstar tweeted ”Lol. I’m going to post the full interview. It was all in fun. For the record, Hov is the king of NY in my eyes”

King of New York Kendrick Lamar Brings Out & Bows Down To Lil Kim at Power House 2013

Kendrick Lamar paid homage to Lil Kim last night in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. The controversial Compton rapper brought Queen Bee on stage in front of thousands of fan and bowed down to her. Kendrick who thinks he is the King of NY also thinks Lil Kim is the Queen of female rappers.

Sources: TattleTailzz & Rhymes With Snitch