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On December 8th Nelson Mandela’s funeral service was held. Many came to pay their respects to the South African President. Critics were saying, “The World is coming to South Africa.”, because of the multitudes of people coming to see the icon for the last time. From the radio, television, and newspapers Nelson Mandela made headlines. Obamaself

However, one of the most surprising occurrences at Mandela’s funeral was the fact the Raul Castro and shared a few words. The descendants of the Castro’s tend to have a bad reputation due to prior engagements with the US such as, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US denouncing diplomatic relations with Cuba and, the US establishing an embargo against Cuba. Nonetheless,Mandela’s humble, peaceful spirit took the stage, thus making an unforeseen action such as this possible.

Now on to a little ratchnessness…Did yall see Presidnet Obama Laughing and taking Pictures. Michele was not happy. Peep the picyurs above and let us know what you think. Was The President wrong for snapping picture?

Watch as Obama hails Mandela ‘last great liberator of the 20th century’

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