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If you haven’t learned anything about Kanye West from his steady stream of ridiculous rants, you better know not to talk bad about his fiancee Kim Kardashian. The creators of “South Park” give no f**ks about what Kanye West wants so they wrote a whole episode talking about how unattractive Kim Kardashian is. And just like in real life, Kanye West was there to defend her.


In the season finale episode of “South Park,” Kim Kardashian is hailed as the perfect woman by Butters. He refuses to date short, overweight girls because they don’t compare to the beauty of Kim K. However, when he tells Wendy about his preference, she delivers a “Scandal”-like fast-paced monologue about how Kim Kardashian is a hobbit. Gay Fish Kanye shows up to deliver a speech about how Kim Kardashian is not  a hobby, but it doesn’t go over well.

Check the clips of the hilarious episode below.



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