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"On The Run Tour: Beyonce And Jay-Z" - Houston

Beyoncé and Jay Z are going to be taking over one HBO channel for an entire day after On The Run premieres tonight!

The Beyhive was too excited to find out that The Carters would be sharing their epic joint tour with HBO subscribers. For some people it would be a chance to see the show again; for others (like myself) it meant that they could finally see the show. Hey, tickets were expensive, and bills are very real!

The network announced this week that it would be airing re-runs of the concert for 24 hours straight on HBO Zone starting at 11:45 p.m. When On The Run fades to black on HBO, you can immediately flip to HBO Zone to watch it all over again. Of course, if you aren’t able to be in front of your TV at 9 p.m., no pressure! You’ll have another 10 opportunities to watch!

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Show time is coming up soon, so this is your last chance to get your On The Run Kit together. Here’s just a few things you’ll need:

A Smartphone Equipped With Instagram

– There are going to be a lot of emotions during the show, and you’ll probably want to share them all in selfie form.

A Mini-Industrial Fan

– Who doesn’t want their hair to blow in the wind like Bey’s?

Plenty of Floor Space

– We know you’re probably going to be bust out your best interpretation of Beyonce’s choreography, and you’ll need some room for that!


– You don’t want to be jumping up and down, shouting in your living room by yourself. That would be weird. Besides, who’s going to wake you up when you pass out from all the awesome that this concert is going to supply?

Plenty Of Water And Snacks

– These are a must for any viewing, but we suggest some fresh fruits and veggies, since the diva tends to snack on those quite a bit.

Forgiving Neighbors

– You’re going to be loud, and no one wants to get in a fight with their  neighbors while they’re trying to enjoy On The Run!

A Comfy Seat

– For the segments you will be sitting, it would be best for you to sit in a good seat.


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