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Between Don Lemon’s irrelevant observation that described the faint scent of marijuana in the Ferguson air during last night’s protests and asking a rape victim why she didn’t think to bite her attacker’s penis, we’ve come to the conclusion that Don Lemon just doesn’t get it. And, we say that with a kind heart.

The Black community is reeling after a grand jury’s decision to not bring charges against officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown and Lemon just can’t understand why Blacks reacted so emotionally and set fire to local convenience stores and police cars in their town. Cue the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who Skyped in to Lemon’s CNN segment, and schooled the “5 Points” host on the history of civil rights.

“Part of your legacy is that you marched with Dr. King peacefully, not violent protests. Most of those protests were during the day. And they were in teeth of the most terrifying odds as James Baldwin says. Even in the most obstinate opposition you and Dr King remained peaceful. What has changed in our culture and our society that people resort to things that played out here last night in Ferguson?” Lemon asked.

“You do know that when Dr. King was alive we had the Watts riots and the Newark riots and the Detroit riots and Chicago,” Jackson bluntly responded. “A body of pain and fuel of poverty, which is a weapon of mass destruction, reciprocated by police action triggered those riots,” he added.

Lemon has has been very active in the Ferguson community since Mike Brown was shot on the street, but he has yet to reach common ground with the people or understand Black plight despite his skin color being the same.

“Justice played out. It didn’t play out the way you may have wanted it. It went in front of our legal and judicial process and the outcome was the outcome and we need to abide by it. The lawlessness and the violence should not have happened and there should be no excuses made for it,” Lemon said.

“Violence diverts attention from the real subject matter,” Jesse responded. “The subject matter is the need for more jobs, more education, more justice and violence has a way of leaving no room for redemption, so I understand that very well. But there is a body of people who after a long train of abuses, Don, people simply explode.”

But such emotions don’t register with Lemon, who continued to question Jackson on the civil unrest in Ferguson. While some praised Lemon for taking Jesse “to task,” we think Lemon further painted himself as an uncle Tom.

Watch the interview below, and tell us what you think.


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