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Jhonni Blaze

LHHNY Star Jhonni Blaze’s Sex Tape Leaks Online

Jhonni Blaze grabbed headlines earlier this year after admitting that she had an unprotected fling with Drake, and now the fresh new Love & Hip Hop NY star’s bedroom skills are about to go public.

The reality star’s unnamed, disgruntled ex-boyfriend is leaking a sex tape they filmed, and feels that it’s within his legal rights to go public with the footage. Those interested in checking it out can go to when it premieres on Thursday, December 4th at 12:01 (EST).

Jhonni Blaze recently explained why she leaked pictures from a private porno video that she filmed in this clip from her exclusive interview with VladTV.

Jhonni explained how at the time when she shot the scene, she wasn’t dancing and was very low on cash. “I was broke, straight up,” said Blaze. Jhonni struck a deal with a network, Blue Star Live, which agreed to give her 75% of the profits from each copy of her video that was sold. According to Jhonni, “upscale” men were paying around $10k to see the footage of her in action.

After she filmed her scene with an unidentified White male, Jhonni found out that the man she was filmed having sex with just so happened to know someone who she had issues with. After this, extortion attempts were made against her, as $10k was demanded from the renowned erotic dancer in order for her porn footage not to be leaked. Unwilling to give up the cash, Jhonni decided that the best course of action would be to leak the porn herself.

After posting intimate pictures from her filmed sexual encounter, Blaze explained how many “small minded” people began bashing her because she slept with a White man. Reflecting on this entire ordeal has made Blaze refuse to do porn again, and she’s even turned down highly profitable offers of $75k and probably more to do future scenes.


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