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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J has been ordered to rehab by a judge after failing ten random drug tests for cocaine and marijuana while out on bail on a child support case.

As we previously reported, music producer Steven “Stevie J” Jordan was arrested in Atlanta last June for failing to pay a whopping $1.1 million in court-ordered child support for a boy, 17, and girl, 15, who live in Pennsylvania with their mother. Stevie J was released on $25,000 bail by a Manhattan federal judge following his arrest. Part of his probation was having to submit to random drug tests. The reality star reportedly tested positive for weed and coke in urine samples 10 times between June and this month. Manhattan prosecutors demanded that Stevie J be placed in a 30-day inpatient rehab center to address his substance abuse problems.

Stevie J’s lawyer tried to argue that rehab would make his client unable to work and thus unable to repay his debts, but Judge Andrew Peck wasn’t buying that and ordered Stevie to rehab, adding that he’s lucky he didn’t get his bail revoked altogether.



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