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Most celebrities aren’t the biggest fans of paparazzi, especially when they get off of a long flight, and have to face the hounds of them in the airport.

To prove a hilarious point, Kendrick Lamar recently decided to troll them while stepping into LAX, where he put them in their place – literally.

As he aimed his iPhone camera at the swarm of paps, the TDE rapper yelled at some of them where they were from and how they’ve been, similar to how the photographers usually do to his fellow celebrity friends.

TMZ caught the footage of it all going down, where they reported:

Taylor Swift’s new BFF had just arrived when our photog hit him up with a question about Tupac … but Kendrick turned it around in a big hurry.

Our guy Charlie got fully flustered as Kendrick and company fired off questions.

Kendrick’s next move was interesting … he gave Charlie the heads up that Schoolboy Q  was just feet away. Charlie wasn’t sure if it was a diversionary tactic, but watch the video. Kendrick was telling the truth.

Sounds like they got a taste of their own medicine. Nice work, Mr. Lamar.


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