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Is it just me or were Obama’s eyebrows pulling a Drake last night on The Daily Show? I think the make-up artist got a little excited that he or she was touching up the face of POTUS and may have gotten a little crayon cray. Or maybe it was Drake as an Obama avatar. If you’ve seen the “Energy” video, you know it’s possible. Or perhaps it was just my television. I got some theories, man.

Either way, the President covered some important talking points and I’d like to go through some of them with you now.

Firstly, Jon Stewart asked POTUS about his thoughts on the media, to which the President had a great answer. After first expressing that he believes journalists should keep the government in check, he said that he believes the media is “distracted by shiny objects.” Word. I believe Obama was referring to the sensationalization of information in the media. And also, our obsession with people like Kim Kardashian…but to be fair, have you seen Kim Kardashian? But back to sensationalization, because that is a big problem. The news tends to exaggerate stories, because as we all know (or maybe we don’t), news is a business and advertising runs that business. So the more grand the story, the more Yen go to the media company, and the more Yen, the more smiles on old White men’s faces. So depending on where you’re standing, that could be perceived as a problem.

Next, POTUS discussed the Iran deal briefly, and identified a few important things. The first thing I think is important to recognize is that this Iran deal didn’t just happen overnight. It took years of economic sanctions that literally crippled the Iranian economy to apply pressure on Iran, to finally come to the table and agree to a seriously vulnerable deal. I don’t know if people realize just how much trust had to be created in order for Iran to agree to the deal in which they did. They had to reduce their nuclear program by 98%, and agree to an unprecedented amount of monitoring by a foreign government. This deal was done to ensure peace in the Middle East, the most volatile region in the world. I got a lot of love for people in the Middle East, so if this deal helps, which I believe in many ways it will, then hopefully everything that preceded this moment in history was worth it.

Obama remarked on the huge issue we currently have of war and peace, which is something that I can’t help but focus just about 99% of my attention on. (The other 1% goes to my dog Penny). Our world is plagued with an inordinate amount of pain right now. There is a bipolar nature to our world, and the pull in both directions is strong. But as the President pointed out last night, the country is full of good people. However, the President also pointed out that there are lots of people not making sacrifices. Preach. So many people complain about the state of the world while they lie on their high thread count sheets eating Haagen Dazs ice cream from a golden spoon. Think I’m exaggerating? Nah, I’ve seen it. Their words are just empty platitudes. Then there are the social workers putting themselves in dangerous situations just to save a child. See the bipolar nature of our world? You’re either all in one way, or all out another. I think it’s time the Haagen Dazs eaters start switching to new spoons.

All kidding aside (even though I’m really not), Obama said that if the people are engaged, the system eventually responds, and I believe him. It reminds me of the Lupe Fiasco song “Kick Push” (which fun fact, has a cameo from Dreamville’s Omen, who just came out with an iconic album Elephant Eyes, seriously dope as fuck). You gotta just keep on your hustle and kick push. Keep pushing, but make sure not to push so hard that you fall over and break your collarbone. I mean that shit.

Lastly, Jon Stewart made a bomb ass point that cannot go unnoticed. He suggested to the President that perhaps a large paradigm shift needs to take place where something like the college system needs to be revised. He suggested the idea that perhaps instead of students doing 4 years of lectures at college, perhaps we should reduce that to 3 years and have the last year reserved for some form of service, such as engaging in social work. I thought this was one of the most practical suggestions to improve a systemic issue I’ve heard in at least the last three years. Make sure to catch The Daily Show before Stewart’s hosting duties come to an end.

A lot of people are apathetic when it comes to politics. A lot of people don’t care because they don’t want to be brought down. I feel you. I get it. I used to be a news junkie, then I stopped watching or reading everything altogether because it just made me feel like shit. But hiding from what’s going on in the world is not a way to operate, because the world is constantly changing and you need to equip yourself with the most up-to-date knowledge. My goal is to try and present what’s going on in the most genuine and entertaining way possible. You know, kick push.

So now you know.

Happy Wednesday y’all.

– Arielle London

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