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Mary J. Blige at KMEL Summer Jam 1992

Back in ’92, Mary J. Blige was just establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in R&B.

Nicknamed the “Queen of Ghetto Love” by a then-23-year-old Puff Daddy, Mary was not your average ’90s artist; she was rocking baseball caps and baggy clothes before it was cool to dress like the boys.

The world was loving her – you could tell she’d been through some shit, but wasn’t about to give up on finding happiness. Mary sang about love and heartbreak in a way that helped people heal. Her story was right there in her music, her voice, and that famous one, two-step that’s still with her all these years later.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a special day for the legendary singer – her multi-platinum debut album, What’s the 411?, was released twenty-three years ago today and we’ll never forget how important it was, and still is, to the evolution of R&B.

Mary went beyond the usual scope of what it meant to be a Rhythm and Blues singer, recording over hip-hop beats, and delivering classics, like “Real Love,” “Love No Limit,” and “Reminisce,” that live on to this today.

Check out some photos of Mary J. killing the game back in ’92 below. #Respect.


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