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In the wake of the news that officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice in November 2014, will not be indicted, protestors are calling on Ohio-native and NBA superstar LeBron James to sit out of home games.

Protestors have taken to social media in hopes of soliciting James to join Samaria Rice , the boy’s mother, in calling on the Department of Justice to continue to investigate the murder.

And the demands have begun to pick up steam.

#NoJusticeNoLeBron began trending Tuesday, with users asking James to spearhead sit-outs and not play any games until the Department of Justice imprisons Loehmann and Garmback.

“Take a stand Lebron. You have the opportunity to use your status to make a real difference” tweeted @Delo_Taylor

“…Your FB says “I promise to never forget where I came from.” Cleveland needs you” added @benjancewicz

Following the death of Trayvon Martin, LeBron and his former team, the Miami Heat showed their solidarity by being photographed in hoodies. After the killing of Eric Garner, LeBron wore the shirt which bore Garner’s last words, “I Can’t Breathe.”

Neither action impeded LeBron’s ability to do his job, which at the end of the day is play basketball. While LeBron has yet to publicly say anything about Tamir’s death, he has consistently been a pillar in the community as it relates to giving back to children and families in need.

Through his scholarship foundation, LeBron has pledged nearly $50M to help send thousands of students to college. He also advocates for the importance of education in partnership with Michelle Obamas “Better Make Room” initiative.

While the basketball star may choose not to advocate on behalf of Tamir, the work LeBron has and continues to do in his community, especially for the youth, shouldn’t be disregarded.

Beauties, are Ohio natives putting too much pressure on LeBron to be an activist because he’s an athlete? Do you think he could really make a difference in whether or not the Department of Justice investigates Tamir Rice’s case by simply sitting out of games?

Check out some of the tweets from the debate over whether or not LeBron should speak up on behalf of Rice.


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