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Rasheeda & Kirk

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Update! January 24, 2016:

Sources are now reporting that Kirk’s alleged mistress name is Jasmine Washington and she is now seeking child support for their six month old son she has with Kirk.

She also claims according to Bossip that she is in a “state of financial distress” because Kirk cut her off financially after being his “kept” mistress for over a year:

Jasmine Washington said Kirk went behind his spouse’s back for their clandestine relationship, and sired a secret baby son that he abandoned when she ended their relationship. Now, Jasmine said it’s time he steps up and pay child support as well as her legal fees.

Jasmine said during their alleged affair, Kirk encouraged her not to work, and she became his kept woman. He gave her a living allowance and even gave her a car to drive as an incentive to stay with him, according to court docs obtained by BOSSIP.

But things got bad when Jasmine said she broke up with Kirk on Halloween of last year. He began to deny the baby, completely stopped paying to support her and the child and took the car back. She said she’s in a “state of financial distress” because of Kirk’s actions and is especially concerned about paying for daycare because she hasn’t been able to find a job.

Jasmine wants Kirk to take a DNA test, and for him to appear in court to explain to the judge why she shouldn’t get child support.

— Originally reported story below:

This is so disappointing! Sources are reporting that Kirk Frost from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cheated on wife Rasheeda with a side chick and also fathered a baby during the affair.

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Gossip blogger Funky Dineva shared that the baby is now 4 months old and that Rasheeda is furious about it! It’s supposed be revealed on the next season of LHHATL which has already started filming about two months ago:

The camera’s were rolling just in time to catch Rasheeda’s reaction to this heartbreaking news. According to the person who told me all of this, Rasheeda tried to take Kirk’s head off when she found out about all of this.

Rasheeda doesn’t deserve this, especially not after all the foolery she went through with him with the disrespectful “secret” apartment and artist and his infamous cabin jacuzzi scene.

And by the looks of it on her IG page, she is planning to be a savage in 2017:

We feel you boo! Do you!

It has not been revealed on who the alleged mistress is with Kirk’s baby but Dineva does say that she ain’t got nothing on Rasheeda:

The People say that the baby mamma doesn’t look like anything. They say she isn’t cute, has a bad body, and is tired as all outdoors. Isn’t that how it always goes though? Chile, if you gone cheat on me, please let it be with something that looks way better than me. At least then I can sort of begin to process how all of it could have possibly happened. Please don’t embarrass me down to da tv with a bitch that looks like Kim Wayans! OKAY!

You know we want to know who this sidepiece is so we will keep you posted!!

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