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Here’s your Atlanta local trending news.

Give legal residents “noncitizen” driver’s licenses

State representative Alan Powell wants to put “noncitizen” on Georgia driver’s licenses of people who are not U.S. citizens to make sure non-citizens are prevented from registering to vote or take advantage of other benefits reserved for U.S. citizens.

Ongoing protest regarding the police involved shooting and death of Deaundre Phillips

The call is growing for Atlanta police to release the video relating to a deadly police shooting outside of a public safety annex last month.  On January 26 police went to a car parked outside the Donald Lee Hallowell annex where they say they smelled marijuana, reports say that Deaundre Phillips got out of the car, then got back in the car and tried to get away with one of officer’s hanging out the car. One of the officers who have yet to be identified fired his weapon and killed Deaundre Phillips.  Protestors want Mayor Kasim Reed and Atlanta police chief Erika Shields to release the video of the incident to the family of Deaundre Phillips.


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