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Bankroll Fresh

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Trentavious White, better known as Bankroll Fresh was a rising artist and legend from Atlanta, GA. He began his music career in 2008 and eventually started his own label, Street Money Worldwide. He later linked with Street Execs to expand his brand and broaden his career.

Bankroll Fresh released over 5 mixtapes and is most known for his projects, Bankroll Fresh & Life of a Hot Boy 1 & 2. His 2014 hit, “Hot Boy” pushed him to stardom and he has since collaborated with heavy hitters, Mike Will Made It, Zaytoven, Gucci Mane, Metro Boomin & Young Jeezy.

Bankroll Fresh touched many lives and he had a positive reputation in his community. Unfortunately, Bankroll Fresh was tragically murdered last year by a close associate.

“In Atlanta, he’s a legend and that’s not even coming from me, that’s coming from the people,” Pretty Boy Tank says. “I see this every day. People tell me he’s a legend, far as the game, he done left his mark. And I feel like people like me and people like Jeezy or people who attach their name to him, as long as we got people like that around, his name is gonna be around for a minute.”

Street Money Worldwide will live on through Bankroll’s mother and father, Bankroll PJ, Street Money Boochie, DJ Pretty Boy Tank and the countless others that represent him.

Fridays have become known as #FreshFridays on social media in honor of the young legend.

His debut album, In Bank We Trust, is set to release April 24th.


Check out the official artwork for In Bank We Trust below:

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