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Teachers terminated after classroom fight

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Two Stone Mountain Middle School employees are now facing charges after a fight in the classroom.  The fight was captured on a student’s cell phone and published to the internet.  Both women were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and have been fired from the DeKalb County School District.


DeKalb County outrageous water bills

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Over 500 DeKalb County residents are still disputing outrageous water bills, but now the DeKalb CEO admits a mathematical error in the billing program was at fault.  The water company will not be able to charge late fees or otherwise penalize customers in the near future.


Film industry booming in Georgia

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Georgia topped the worldwide list of locations for films made last year with 17 films made, beating out the UK with 16 films followed by Canada, California, Louisiana and New York.  Georgia made high grossing films last year including the blockbusters Passengers, Captain America and Hidden Figures.


Thousands are now ineligible for food stamps

Suburban poverty is a result of the weak economy and people fleeing violence in cities like Chicago

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The state has released a report that says thousands of Georgia residents are no longer eligible for food stamps.  A mandate set earlier this year required that able bodied recipients without kids head to find jobs within three months. President Donald Trump budget requires individuals to have a job to be eligible for food stamps.



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