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In the case that Usher loses the $20 million herpes lawsuit currently plaguing his life, the icon’s insurance company has made it clear it will not front the money to pay his accuser, TMZ reports.

According to the site, Usher’s insurance policy does not cover STDs and his insurer filed the appropriate documents to make that clear ahead of any ruling. Referencing the case, in which a woman claims Usher exposed her to herpes,  New York Marine and General Insurance company “points out a clause in the singer’s policy that excludes coverage for ‘bodily injury … arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by [Usher],’” TMZ reports.

The site also claims Usher’s insurer is not happy about the singer allegedly settling with a woman who he supposedly infected back in 2012, writing he didn’t disclose the situation to New York Marine and General Insurance company when he signed his policy in 2016.

“To be clear, Usher’s insurer says it will pay for his defense in the Georgia lawsuit … for now,” TMZ adds. “But if the court agrees with its interpretation of Usher’s policy, it’s not only bailing on him … but will also expect a refund for any money forked out for his defense.”

We will continue to keep you updated on Usher’s case.

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