Omerettà, a young lady from Zone 3 Atlanta has allowed her talent to bring her joy, you can tell sometimes even by her wide smile. She will not allow life’s trials & tribulations to get her down. After losing her father at a very young age Omerettá focused her energy on her music, which propelled her into notoriety. I caught up with Omerettà just to see if she had time to answer my 21 Questions… She did.


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1. What do you do?

I am a rapper, model and a business women.

2. What’s your current focus?

Expanding my brand.

3. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Loyal, Real, and Pure.

4. What is your definition of Melanin?

Dark skin.

5. First thing you thought about thismorning?

Brushing my teeth.


Source: StarterCAM / StarterCAM

6. Who gives you the most inspiration? Myself, I am my biggest fan.

7. Favorite song at this moment?

Save me remix – Omeretta The great

8. What does ‘Zone 3’ mean to you?

Zone 3 means home to me. It’s what I know best.

9. Favorite Scary Movie?

Don’t have one. I used to like them, but not anymore. 

10. Favorite Slang?

“Dats cap!”


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11. What’s the best gift you received from a fan?

Some clothes from Forever 21.

12. Favorite Cartoon?

Don’t have one, because I barley watch TV.

13. If you weren’t raping what would you be doing now?

Modeling or being a photographer. I used to

own a little canon camera that I kept around my neck when I was at home.

14. Who’s inspiring you the most right now?

Myself. I have a daily alarm on my phone that reminds me to keep grinding.

15. Do you have a type?

Yes, he has to have a 1100 block chain

around his neck or I don’t want him.

16. What’s your favorite lip gloss flavor?

None, only Vaseline.

17. Do you have a name for your fans?

I call them Omafia, they are like family.

18. Something you never bought but always wanted?

A tesla.

19. Who’s your Celebrity guy crush?

Don’t have one.

18. Who gives you the most inspiration?

Myself, I am my biggest fan.

19. What advice do you give a 16 year old you?

It’s going to be okay, because after the stormy night it’s a beautiful day!

20. Best advice you received?

None, I am hard-headed I don’t listen to anybody but myself.

21. What’s your biggest goal for 2018?

I am trying to have one of them Cardi B years!

With high anticipation, Omeretta released a 10 song mixtape featuring a single titled the Intro. Stream it below

She also released a mixtape titled C2Z3 stream it below.

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