Q Money, Cleveland Ohio Native. When I ran into him he was in the studio, working on new music, the first time I met Q Money was at a Think Its A Game 5 year anniversary party at Compound. Not to sure what his relationship is with TIG. TIG is responsible for some of your favorite acts ie Rich Homie Quan, Trinidad James, Jacques, & most recent YFN Lucci. I’m sure there are some great things coming his way working with this group for 2018. He had time to answer 21 Questions so this is how that went.

1. What do you do?

Ima Rapper, Motivational Speaker, Investor

2. Current Focus?

I just want to be great & the best.

3. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Fly, Intelligent, Charismatic

4. What was the best strip club you ever went to?

Magic On A Monday! (laughs)

5. The first thing you thought about this morning?

I gotta get to this flight, I almost missed it.

6. One of the craziest moments of your life?

I witness a shooting right in front of my eyes. Almost got involved but one of my homies jumped in front and saved my life.

7.Whats the last song that you listened to?

Key Glock – Intro

8. What’s something that most men won’t admit?

That they are really insecure.

9. Name the worst thing you’ve experienced?

I was in jail and I only had a week left, I asked the judge if I could get out to witness my son being born and they denied it.

10. Favorite place to shop?

Love shopping in California

11. Who do you want to work with in the future?

Kodak Black, Quavo, Future, Drake

12. What are you grateful for?

Life, in general, I’m grateful for where I’m at and the opportunity I have. I’m ready to make the best of it.

13. What does every woman need in her closet?

Red Bottoms. ie (Christian Louboutin)

14. One word you want people to use to describe your music?


15.Your favorite page on Instagram?


16. What’s the first job you got fired from?

Marcś a Grocery store in Cleveland

17. What advice would you give to your 17-year-old self?

Everybody ain’t yo homie.   

18. Something you never bought but always wanted?

I always wanted a Mansion.

19. What was the biggest waste of money you ever spent?

Excessive clothes. I just got too many clothes.

20. Best advice you received?

It’s not the strongest or fastest man who wins. Its the man who thinks can win!

21. What’s one thing you want people to know about you that they may not know already?

I feel like I’m not average when it comes to music. I can’t be put in the box. I’m not like the average rapper, I’m not just a dancer. My music is real raw, once you listen you’ll really get a feel for where I’m coming from.

Q Money got his first taste of fame when his song “Work” crossed over the million mark. Watch it below.

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