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Peachtree Street Sign in Atlanta

Source: Davel5957 / Getty

Atlanta is most certainly  known for its peaches when it comes to naming streets, but how many actual streets in Atlanta have the word Peachtree in it?

The name Peachtree is super common throughout the Atlanta metro area. People even joke that if you make a right and two lefts’ on any street in Atlanta, you will find a Preachtree street. In fact, there are 71 streets in Atlanta with some form of “Peachtree” in their name.

Peachtree Street sign and banner for Hawks National Basketball Association team.

Source: Jeff Greenberg / Getty

Some of these include:

Peachtree Creek Road

Peachtree Lane

Peachtree Avenue

Peachtree Circle

Peachtree Drive

Peachtree Plaza

Peachtree Way

Peachtree Memorial Drive

New Peachtree Road

Peachtree Walk

Peachtree Park Drive

Peachtree Parkway

Peachtree Valley Road

Peachtree Battle Avenue 

Peachtree Dunwoody Road 

Old Peachtree Road 

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USA, Georgia, Atlanta, Low angle view of Peachtree Center

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Peachtree is also seen in place names:

  • Peachtree Center is a major development of skyscrapers and other high-rises in downtown, with Peachtree Center Avenue running a block east of Peachtree Street.
  • Peachtree City is a planned-suburb golf community located south of the city.
  • Peachtree Corners is also a planned suburb located north of the city