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Insecure is one of those shows that you simply must. tune. into. And it looks like season 3 is going to get even spicier when it drops on August 12. In a recent interview, Issa Rae let it be known that she’s about to take it there. She told The Hollywood Reporter the upcoming season will address toxic masculinity and adulting, so we hope everyone can handle having to take a look in the mirror.

She tells the publication, “I don’t want to give anything away! But I love black masculinity as it relates to black women. I think that’s something interesting that we haven’t gotten a chance to explore yet — and specifically toxic male black masculinity as it relates to black women. I’m trying to find a way to explore that and get a rounded storyline that isn’t preachy.”

Issa adds, “This season is about adulting in a new way. I think we’ve watched our characters really fumble and fuck up — and in some ways in your 20s you are allowed that — but this season is about not acting like you’re naive anymore or that you don’t know better. So it is about, what does it look like to know better and to do better?”

As for where she draws inspiration for the Insecure storyline, Issa reveals “I’m definitely mining experiences from my own life, especially for my character. And then we tap into the lives and instances and moments a bunch of our writers bring to the room, as well. I think that’s a fun part — everybody has a piece of their life in the show.”

Hit THR for Issa’s full interview and get excited for her return to your living room later this summer.

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