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Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former Attorney testified today and had a TON of things to say that aren’t to flattering in regards to Trump’s legal and business dealings.

CNN Live Coverage:

Here are some very interesting things that have come to light so far in the testimony:

1. Cohen says Trump inflated his assets to be on the Forbes list of richest people.

2. Cohen says Trump threatened former High school and universities so they would not release his transcripts and grades during the election.

3. Cohen presented a copy of the check that was paid Cohen, to keep his dealings with Trump’s porn star mistress. 

4. Cohen admits he practiced “catch and kill” tactic for Trump

Michael Cohen said he practiced the tactic of “catch and kill” — where a publication buys the rights to a story and then buries the story as a favor to someone — for President Trump.

5. Cohen calls Trump a racist and in private he is even worse!

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