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With the recent release of Ready, the third album from Trey Songz, the question arises whether he will be the one to bring back the R&B game. R.Kelly has held the crown for almost fifteen years, but with Trey on the come-up, is it time for Kellz to pass the torch? They have been in constant beef with one another but no one can turn a blind eye to the fact that their songs and swagger are very much alike. Take a look:

1. Trey Songz, like R. Kelly, can and will make a song about anything (and we’d like it):

R.Kelly- “Sex Weed” vs. Trey Songz- “LOL Smiley Face”

2.Trey Songz and R.Kelly both started out with braids:

Then cut their hair:

3. Both men send the girlie’s into a frenzy with their voices:

4. Trey Songz and R.Kelly both sing about their love-making skills:

R.Kelly- “Feeling On Ya Booty” vs. Trey Songz- ”Scratching Me Up”

5. Both Trey Songz and R.Kelly rap and sing:

Trey says…”This is a farewell, throw him down a stairwell.” Is Trey on his way to becoming the king of R&B or should he stay out of R.Kelly’s lane? What do you think?

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