Was it a change of heart or another type of “motivation” that caused Oakland rapper Yukmouth to “retract” his statement? The Internet is abuzz with speculation that Suge Knight’s accuser backed out of cooperating with police because of additional threats he received from Suge Knight’s camp.

Yukmouth is no longer cooperating with police concerning his alleged beating and robbing by Suge Knight. So yeah, Yukmouth filed a police report and told the cops Suge and 10 other dudes beat him down and stole his chain over an unpaid debt, but now he’s retracted his statement.

Is it because he didn’t think the cops were going to snitch on his snitching or does he plan to handle it himself…in the streets?



UPDATE: Wanna Buy Yukmouth’s Chain?

Suge Knight Wanted For Beating And Robbing Yukmouth Of The Luniz!!!

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