Teenage rapper, Soulja Boy, is in the process of writing a self help book for other teens to encourage them of their dreams and steps they can take to become a millionaire.

“I made my first million dollars when I was 16 years old,” Soulja Boy told Billboard. “I came from a place where a lot of people don’t make it out to see the type of things I’ve seen around the world and see the amount of money that I’ve obtained. I just wanna tell all the people how I did it.”The Secret‘ techniques for visualizing success, as the rapper/producer explained during a recent visit to BET’s ‘106 & Park.’ “One of the chapters talks about ‘speaking it into existence,'” Soulja Boy said. “You have a list of goals where you think from the non-conscious, and you weed out the negative thoughts and just fill it with the goal that you trying to accomplish, and it actually work. I did it in a short amount of time so I figured I’d write about it and give it to the public.”

The book will also feature some of Soulja Boy’s own ‘

I don’t think that this self-help book from Soulja Boy is such a bad idea. He’s encouraging teens to visualize their dreams and set goals! And since he is a self-made teen millionaire, the advice is credible so I’m not mad at cha Soulja Boy!

-Jazzy McBee

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