In 2022, black men and women all over the country were elected to represent their cities. Check out some of the black mayors who have been sworn into an office in 2022.

Young Atlanta Hawks point guard and soon to be NBA superstar Trae Young is not only taking the league by storm, but he’s also winning the hearts of fans all over. Young’s flashy style of play and fearless attitude make him hard not to like as a player. To prove that we’ve complied some of […]

Ashanti is taking “Sis living her best life” to a whole another level. One thing about Ashanti, she is going to go on vacation, and she is going to serve lewks and bawddyyyyy. If “traveling goals” were a person, it would definitely be our girl Ashanti who has the world of Instagram mesmerized with her […]

Here is a list of celebrities and public figures who died in 2021

Keri Hilson just doesn't know when to relax. After Donald Trump was finally banned from Twitter, and multiple other social media platform, the increasingly irrelevant R&B crooner took it upon herself to defend Habanero Hitler in the name of free speech.

The rapper, singer, and actress will star as Robyn McCall, a divorced single mother out for justice.

Saweetie has been known for giving us great music and serving looks for all the icy girls, but did you know she got it from her mama?! Trinidad Valentin is the name of the Saweetie’s mother and when we say she is fine…whew! The Icy Momma had Saweetie when she was only 17 years old. […]

In a new video she shared with Instagram, Woods and her booty butt cheeks got some shine while getting a massage and Thirsty Twitter is reacting as expected.