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It’s Tupac’s birthday and we’re here to show a little love with some interesting facts about the late rapper and actor.

A true gemini, Pac was very vocal about the Black community’s fight for equality, so it’s no debate, he would have had a lot to say if he were alive today, for the coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd protests that have inspired resistance and activism across the world. He was also known for being very socially conscious in his music.

He rapped, in part, on his song “White Manz World,” for example…

“Eatin’ Jack-Mack, starin’ at walls of silence

Inside this cage where they captured all my rage and violence

In time I learned a few lessons, never fall for riches

Apologizes to my true sisters, far from b*tches

Help me raise my Black nation, reparations are due, it’s true

Caught up in this world I took advantage of you

So tell the babies how I love them, precious boys and girls

Born black in this white man’s world”

“You know how hard it is being a woman? A Black woman, at that, in this white man’s world?” he asked early on.

Listen to the full track below.

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Even today, Tupac continues to inspire generations of creatives and activists. Join us in wishing him a happy, happy birthday and check out those interesting facts below.

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