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Marcus Graham Project Through The Years [PHOTOS]  was originally published on

1. Marcus Graham Project Co-Founders

Marcus Graham Project Co-Founders

Marcus Graham Project co-founders, Lincoln Stephens (left) and Larry Yarrell (right), have pledged to help diversify the ranks of the advertising industry and other professions by training the next generation of innovators through their iCR8 (I create) program. Meet some of project’s former students and future agents of change.

2. Prismatic


Students of the 2014 class named themselves Prismatic to reflect their vibrant and colorful thinking.

3. Year 5

Year 5

Students hailed from five different countries in 2013, including Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Bahamas, Spain and the United States, hence the name, Year 5 or Y5. They were bold and on the move.

4. Think Fruition 2012

Think Fruition 2012

The class of 2012 named itself Think Fruition, a twist on the transcendental thought of speaking something into existence.

5. Bippitus


The class of 2011 had so much swagger that students had to invent a name for themselves: Bippitus.

6. Metathinq


The 2010 class of young innovators were such big thinkers that they called themselves, Metathinq, because to spell “think” with a “k” was just too small.

7. The Launch Crew

The Launch Crew

The class of 2009 called itself the Launch Crew because they were ready to take off.