March on The Polls Hits GA to Encourage Voting! #MarchOnThePolls #UnitedWeVoteGa. Hot 107.9’s Reec Swiney hosted the Atlanta Rally, urging people to utilize their right to vote in order to bring about the changes we want to see. Some of the topics and issues such as livable wages, health care, public education were discussed during […]

Sprint reportedly coughed up $200 million for the stake, which is set to bring the service to its 45 million customers.

Activist, attorney, and talk show host Warren Ballentine broke down some important information about  Donald Trump, his cabinet, and his tenure as president beginning next year. Most important, he told Rickey Smiley that he’s predicting Trump’s presidency won’t last more than two years- just like he predicted that Trump would win the election. Sign Up For […]

She references a piece of advice from her dad – "forget the rest and do your best" – and shares some words of wisdom from her Uncle Russell.

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg is looking to switch up the narrative and respectability politics surrounding the marijuana business with a line of products geared towards those who suffer from menstrual cramps.

DJ Khaled may have achieved the highest key possible: he's on the cover of this week's Bloomberg Businessweek.

Chipotle will close all of its stores next month...but just for a day.

Word on the street izzz, Pharrell Williams and Jay Z got into a huge fight and Pharrell was left with a black eye…. Yes, rumors are circulating that the popular producer showed up to a Los Angeles event sporting a fresh black eye. He hasn’t released a statement, but the proof is in the pudding. […]

Rihanna has landed a multi-million dollar deal with Samsung… Sources say this has been in the works for months and finally it is settled. Rihanna has scored a $25 million deal for Samsung to sponsor her new album and tour. Read more here… Source: WOTSN