Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick was set to have a private NFL workout for all 32 teams in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, but plans changed just around a few hours before the workout. Kaepernick’s workout was changed to public workout and moved to Charles Drew High School in Riverdale in Georgia. Fans showed up to the high school […]

Should We Join The NFL #Blackout for #ColinKaepernick Click the question to join the conversation on Facebook Live! Should a woman, who is now a man be allowed to attend an all male college?   How do you feel about your job being threatened if you needed to stay home because of your small kids? #ReecQOTD. […]

Should we boycott the NFL if Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t get an offer? #ReecQOTD Click the question to join the conversation on Facebook Live! Did This Woman Have a Real Reason To Talk About Her Time With Usher? #RecQOTD   What age should you have “The Talk” with your kids? #ReecQOTD   Would You Let Your […]

While other NFL stars spend their off season enjoying their time off from the gridiron, Colin Kaepernick has decided to commit his to much more important things than vacation. The quarterback is out there every day trying to save the world. His focus right now is famine relief for Somalia. Kaepernick took to Instagram on Wednesday […]

  NaS and Colin Kaepernick are both catching heat from fans for honoring controversial Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who passed at 90 over the weekend. NaS called the fallen leader King Fidel Castro and tagged him as a revolutionary: “RIP KING FIDEL CASTRO #revolutionary only 5% understand. Im not Cuban, I don’t fully know how he […]

In honor of the brave athlete's 29th birthday, we honor his confidence, strength and Blackness with photos of Colin Kaepernick looking like Black excellence.

Colin Kaepernick has easily emerged as one of 2016’s most “woke” celebrities. From his newly awesome Afro to donating sales of his number one-selling jersey back into the community and  his national anthem protest that has racked up tons of support, he is definitely using his platform to not only make a change, but also […]

At a rally over the weekend, Donald Trump decided to talk about… the NFL? The NFL has had less-than-stellar ratings this season, and Trump is partially blaming Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest voicing concerns over racial inequality. Trump took the stage in Denver as the Broncos were playing the San Diego Chargers. He told the crowd he was wondering […]

In the latest issue of ESPN Magazine, New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony strays from basketball talk and focuses more on the issues that plague Black America. The ever-growing issue between law enforcement and and Black people has affect Melo and his hometown of Baltimore which just acquitted six police officers after facing charges resulting from the April […]