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Jay-Z is still promoting his book Decoded. The Decoded promotional tour continued with this recently aired interview with PBS' Charlie Rose that was taped at the Brooklyn Museum.

Jay-Z's "Decoded" book unsurprisingly landed in the top three on the New York Times' best sellers list. The book debuted at number three on the publication's Hardcover Non-Fiction list behind George W. Bush's Decision Points and Lauren Hillenbrand's "Unbroken."

In 1996 Jay-Z's 'Regrets' stood out as one of the best song on his debut, "Reasonable Doubt.' As Jay pimp struts into his middle-aged years we imagine he has quite a few more regrets to add to his tally. In light of his "Big Pimpin" revelation and the release of "Decoded" we’ve made a list of what not-so-young Hov wishes he could take back.

Last night at the New York Public Library the MC who became famous for not writing rhymes (even though the late B.I.G was among the first to it) discussed his book of those very verses with Dr. Cornel West. Jay-Z's book of rhymes, "Decoded," is available now!

Jay-Z's "Decoded" is expected to be one of the biggest selling books about hip-hop ever released. The book, which is part memoir, also contains Jay-Z's analysis of his own song lyrics.

LeBron is not the only one taking his "talents to South Beach" these days. His good friend Jay-Z unveiled his book of rhymes "Decoded" at the Delano Hotel in Miami last night.

November 16th marks the day that Jay-Z will release Decoded, a book that compiles the rapper's lyrics along with personal anecdotes from friends and family, as well as information about the Jiggaman's creative process.

Since "Decoded" was completed several years ago, it remains unclear whether the book will feature additional chapters detailing Jay-Z's last few years, including "The Blueprint 3," his 360 deal with Live Nation, being a part owner of the New Jersey Nets and, his most guarded subject, his marriage to Beyoncé.

Jay-Z's got a new book that will be hitting stores this fall. The book, titled "Decoded," will be part memoir, part analysis and discussion of Jay-Z's lyrics.