Popular photo-sharing app Instagram was just recently named third most used social network in the world. What are people posting? EVERYTHING! It’s safe to say, this social network is being abused. Local Atlanta Youtube creators @Dormtainment have created a video explaning how to use Instagram effectively when in the gym “working out”. Check out the […]

The guys of Dormtainment have done it again with their latest video “Straight Outta Dunwoody.” We usually hear people rep’ their zones and hood, but Dunwoody?! To say the least, the $%&# is hilarious! Follow me on twitter for a few laughs @IAmGWoods! Related: Dormtainment – Birthday Bash 16 Edition [VIDEO] RELATED: Rocko Brings Out […]


Due to Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash 16 Concert Dormtainment.com is doing a survey in Downtown Atlanta to see what people know about the hip hop culture. Since its a Dormtainment interview, you know they didn’t look for the typical civilian. The members of Dormtainment are trying to get there acts a spot on Hot 107.9’s […]