In the last few months, it has been lightly reported the hanging of 6 people of color. It has also been reported these public hangings are suicide attempts but the timing, location, their skin color, and investigation reports seem to say otherwise.

With the current state of our country, we as blacks could use a celebration right now while we are still on the front lines. Juneteenth is that celebration.

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with attorney Durante Partridge on legal actions we should take if stopped by the police, properly exercising our first amendment during protest, and the importance of the bearing of arms during these times. 

Since her first single “Do It” from her first album Dirty South, Rasheeda Frost has been “Doing it” big consistently with business and music for the past 20 years. Starting off in the industry part of a female rap group in 1999 called Da Kaperz, Rasheeda’s flow and star talent was evident in the group’s […]

It was April 28th when I read a news article from The Burton Wire that Ahmaud Arbery was killed by two white men while jogging in a predominantly white neighborhood. My first reaction to the story was why haven’t the guys been arrested? Why did it take two months for this story to come to […]

Now that certain states have opened up their borders and lifted restrictions on non-essential businesses, some folks are going out. But there’s still no cure for the virus and the number of infections are continuing to increase. We know many of you are ready to get out of your house, but before you do we […]

During these unprecedented times many of us are having some mental withdrawals because we are so distant from our loved ones and loved leisures. Though there has been an increase in virtual tools for us to communicate, how many of us have really taken the time to do so? I know many of you are […]

Being quarantined in your home for weeks because of the coronavirus can be a driving force for cabin fever. This can drive some bad habits that can affect you later on. To break those bad habits you’ve started, we’ve created a list of 10 habits that you can create that’ll be beneficial once this outbreak […]

Being quarantined due to COVID-19 is really challenging our economy and displacing many Americans because of lack of revenue, especially for our small business owners and hourly workers.   Currently, many people are out of work and on unpaid leave. While many Americans are trying to figure out how to acquire other streams of income, […]