legalize marijuana

The Oakland City Council passed the Equity Permit Program; an initiative designed to offer reparations to those affected by the Drug War.

    Decriminalizing marijuana in Georgia Atlanta city council is going to talk about decriminalizing marijuana today ( Feb. 28).  A new proposal will spare jail time if somebody is caught with an ounce or less of marijuana.  Council member Kwanza Hall introduced the bill.  If the measure passes offenders will have to pay a […]

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed legislation that legalizes medical marijuana in Georgia. While the new law is expected to bring relief to several Georgia families who had moved to states like Colorado where cannabis oil is legal, several hurdles remain. It remains illegal to grow marijuana in Georgia, so its currently unclear how these […]

Why does momentum seem to be gaining for the decriminalization of marijuana use? As reported earlier on NewsOne, ten of 13 members of the D.C. City…