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According to Lil’ Scrappy, he has a good reason for asing Erica Dixon to take him off child support, he don’t want “dem folks in his business.” In response to the backlash for Love & Hip-Hop Fans, Scrappy insists that he and Erica had an “agreement” and he has every intention of taking care of […]

Watching TV and Twitter go hand and hand right? Our social media manager IAmGWoods has curated the best tweets from our audience and a few clever ones from himself. Read tweets from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members, the audience and more! We are looking for the best #LHHATL tweets tonight! If you see […]

The video that caused such a rift between Rasheeda and her husband/manager on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has finally been released. Check out “Marry Me” below: RELATED: Momma Dee Hits The Stripper Pole To Lil Scrappy’s Song [VIDEO] Joseline Confirms Engagement To Stevie J: F*#k It, I’m With Him Diamond: “If It Was Over […]

Momma Dee from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta continued her ratchetness when she hopped on a stripper pole recently. A crowd of fans threw money at Momma Dee as she worked the pole to her son Lil Scrappy’s song “She Bad.” The former pimp/dope dealer slapped her butt and whipped her hair as she spun […]

On this week’s sneak peek of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, producer Stevie J. confronts Joseline about threatening his family. Joseline also says whether Stevie and her are in a relationship! On the other side of town, Momma Dee welcomes Shay “Buckee” Johnson into the family and instigates a beef between Shay and Scrappy’s baby’s […]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been so strange. The series started with a confrontational relationship between producer Stevie J and his “longtime” girlfriend Mimi Faust. Now, it appears that Stevie J is in a “committed” relationship with his artist/sidechick, Joseline. Rumors were running rampant that Stevie J proposed to Joseline and the big fat […]

It looks like Stevie J from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has another hustle to help him make all of his child support payments. Although the music producer has absolutely no journalism experience, a close look at the masthead of Hip Hop Weekly shows that Stevie J is listed as a music editor for the […]

Joseline of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta had a very intimate interview with where she discussed how she started stripping, her relationship with Stevie J, and her new work-out DVD. She admitted how depressed she was when rumors circulated that she was born a man. Joseline said she humiliated herself even more when she […]

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Here’s a rumor that some may not find hard to believe, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s, Stevie J has a “side hustle.” Guess what it is? Pimpin. No really… According All Hip Hop “…here is a good one from one of my sources to you. They told me that Stevie J, who I only knew as […]

Yesterday, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Erica Dixon revealed that she and Lil’ Scrappy have called it quits. Erica was a guest on the Breakfast Club Morning Show in New York and admitted that she should’ve listened to her Mother (who disapproved of her relationship with Scrappy). Interestingly, Erica said that she sees the episodes the […]

On the debut episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle dropped subliminal hints about an abusive music producer who basically stole her advance money. Well, if you haven’t figured it out, she was talking about Memphitz (who happens to be Toya “Carter” Wright’s husband). Word got back to Memphitz and he was not […]