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Rapper Jean Grae is already one of the funniest people in the music business, so it makes sense that she put on her producer and…

In this edition of Hip-Hop Spot, HeadKrack talks about who the best rappers turned actors are. Listen to the audio to find out who “The…

It appears that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has become way more comfortable in Hollywood than in the recording studio. Last year he made headlines for his dramatic weight loss to star in Things Fall Apart, and was recently  spotted with an s- curl while filming Freelancers and clinking glasses with Bruce Willis in The Setup. […]

Famed rapper Darryl “DMC” McDaniels has been tapped to star in a new short film with wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page, titled Hard Luck. DMC, who is a founding member of Hip-Hop trio Run-DMC, stars as a crime boss in the movie, while page stars as a hitman. The movie, which was written and directed […]

Nas added a clip to his acting resume on an episode of CBS’s “Hawaii 5-0.” He plays a parolee named Gordon Smith who was just trying to make an honest living after serving a bid for home robberies and missed an appointment with his parole officer.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dolly Parton is returning to the big screen to team up with Queen Latifah in the feature “Joyful Noise,” which centers around two women who join forces to prevent a small-town gospel choir from shutting down.