Ciara may be joining the "I Have A Sextape" club!! According to, an industry insider approached them with what they claim to be a sex tape featuring Ciara.

Chelsea Handler wants everyone to calm down. The late night host has taken to Twitter to shoot down reports that she is dating 50 Cent.

Did Delonte West have sex with LeBron James' mom? According to the ex-Cleveland Cavalier, it never happened.

Our favorite groupie to hate Kat Stacks is infected with Hepatitis C, or at least that's what the report says. Click here for details.

Are Kanye West and Selita Ebanks a couple? The two, who were rumored to have been dating back in 2008, have crossed paths again. They were spotted together at the US Open in Queens, NY.

Meet Mr. And Mrs. Aubrey Graham. Looks like Drake really wasn't kidding when he rapped to Nicki, "girl I'm not playing if you with it, then I'm with it," because via Twitter it looks like the two have tied the not.

Akon may have a new wife, which will make her wife #4!!! A tipster reached out to to tell them that Akon is reportedly married to a girl he was recently spotted with.

We're sure you all probably remember when Keri Hilson supposedly dissed Ciara in her “Turnin’ Me On” remix, and then backtracked and denied it, right? And then Ciara addressed it in “Basic Instinct (U Got Me).” Well apparently the ATL natives are at it again...the two were allegedly involved in a backstage fight at a New York concert over the weekend.

Rumor has it that Toya got engaged over the weekend to boyfriend Memphitz. Toya hit NV Lounge in her hometown of New Orleans this past Saturday with boyfriend Memphitz of BET and she was rocking a hefty diamond on her left hand.

It looks like Trina is back in the dating game and she has hit the jackpot!! The rapper is reportedly dating NFL rookie Dez Bryant. The alleged couple recently did a show in Dallas and from of the looks of things Dez was all over the baddest b!!!

We're guessing either Amber Rose wants to make Kanye West jealous or she just wants the world to know she's getting it in with Reggie Bush. The former exotic dancer apparently paid Reggie a visit in training camp and just had to tweet about it.

Diddy's side chick Cassie has already had some scandalous nude pics hit the Internet. Well, today we're hearing that a New York City man claims he has photos of Diddy and Cassie in compromising positions and plans to sell the pictures.