When it comes to drama, Miguel is the last person that comes to mind, but after being accused of groping a woman without her consent while she was taking a picture with him at a club, the singer is finally responding to the allegations. On Thursday, TMZ caught up with the singer at LAX and asked […]

Xian Bass claims the singer R&B singer touched her breasts without her consent after taking a fan photo with him during a club appearance.

After the rapper's attempt to appeal a jury's decision in the court case, new details have emerged.

Dr. Candice Bridge plans on creating innovative ways to catch sexual assault suspects outside of DNA evidence.

It appears the young woman has convinced the jury of her claims after four days of deliberation.

The first boy to publicly accuse Michael Jackson of pedophilia has gone missing.

This week, the new host of The Daily Show has been focusing on the election and he's really finding his voice.

Nate Parker and his Birth of a Nation film have some supporters, but many are having a hard time backing the movie after his 1999 rape case was dug up.

Kesha has temporarily given up pursuing her lawsuit against her former producer Dr. Luke.

  Brock Turner, a swimmer at Stanford University, has been convicted of raping an unconscious woman. His sentence? About 6 months, because the California judge who tried him thought a longer sentence would be too damaging to him. Meanwhile, across the country, many young black people are receiving harsh sentences for crimes they did not commit, or […]

Jelani Maraj, Nicki Minaj's brother, has been indicted on first-degree rape charges.

Justin Posey, 17, accused of transmitting HIV to a 13-year-old girl, was indicted Wednesday on third-degree rape charges, reports The Advocate.