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Here we are again with yet another “Basketball Wives Reunion” special. I, for one, have been waiting on this very moment all season, just to see exactly how kooky Jackie was going to explain her antics all season long.

Of course, it didn’t take very long for Jackie to get all riled up especially when the host, John Salley, asked Imani exactly how the drama between her, Laura and Jackie actually got started.

“Don’t let me get Verizon on the phone!” Jackie threatened Imani when they were going back and forth about if they spoke on the phone at noon or after midnight. No Jackie, that won’t  be necessary since we’re all quite confused why the time this so called phone conversation between you and Imani is a relevant topic on the reunion show anyway.

Once Jackie simmered down (for the time being), John Salley touched on Malaysia and Laura’s fight, Imani and Laura’s beef, Gloria and Matt’s break up and exactly why everybody hated Draya. Draya “cleared the air” on the rumors surrounding her and her son explaining that they all were just not true and Jackie decided to jump in and tell Draya that she really felt bad about looking her up on Google, but wasn’t going to apologize for it and didn’t regret it.

Jackie then went on to attack Gloria, and the two went back and forth for the remainder of the show. I don’t know if anyone caught Jackie saying something about Gloria and Laura’s baby daddy having a little fling, but I sure did!

I don’t know, Jackie does seem a little cooky to me, but some of the side comments that she throws out there during arguments makes you wonder where she got these “false” tales from. Do you think there is some truth to it? Or is Jackie just crazy?

Part one of the reunion special was a bit of a snooze, hopefully we’ll get more clarity on part two next Monday!

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