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One thing people love more than seeing their favorite celebrities is seeing the latest pictures of our favorite celebrities’ children. Many have come out and said how much they hate for their young children to be photographed. One celebrity who is very serious about not having photos of her young daughter snapped is Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. Berry is allegedly gathering up some support from her Hollywood friends to help celebrity child photos banned in the United States.

Halle Berry famously lost her custody case where she requested the court to allow her to move her daughter Nahla Aubrey to France because they have heavy anti-paparazzi laws in place. Since Berry can’t take her daughter out of the country, she’s trying to rally her celebrity friends to lobby for some anti-paparazzi laws in America. “The Call” actress has reached out to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner for support.

No one in Halle’s camp has confirmed or denied these allegations, but we can’t see her not doing this after she got into an argument with paparazzi about taking photos of her daughter. Berry screamed, “I told you to stop taking pictures of my f**king daughter!”

Due to the microscope celebrities live under, would it be fair for them to put laws in place so that paparazzi can’t take and sell photos of celebrity children?



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