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If this Arizona man tried to plead not guilty to driving under the influence, he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Okay, that was wrong of us to say, but really, this guy wouldn’t have a leg to stand on especially because the one-legged driver was just arrested for his seventh DUI.

Lane R. Roberts was arrested in Grant County when he was stopped by his white minivan around 6:30pm late last week. The county sheriff smelled the alcohol emanating from Lane R. Roberts and asked him to perform of field sobriety tests. According to the probable cause report filed, Roberts couldn’t pass any of the tests.

Police were alerted about the erratic driver when they received an anonymous call saying there was drunk driver on the road. The caller also provided the description of Roberts’ vehicle and the direction he was heading in.

Lane R. Roberts is no stranger to a DUI charge. Roberts has been charged with six different DUIs since 1988. His third offense which saw him land 364 days in jail with 182 days suspended. That sentence resulted in Roberts spending 182 days in the slammer. Currently, Roberts is being held at Grant County Detention Center on $6,000 cash bond.

I respect the fact all amputees want to be treated as fully functional people, but dude has one leg! Shouldn’t his friends have told him that he should stop drinking when he became a little shaky when standing on his own? I mean damn!



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