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Days ago “All Gold Everything” rapper Trinidad James expressed his opinion about the state of New York rap during a show at Brooklyn’s Rubber Tracks studios and several MCs from the Empire State took offense, most notably Maino.

In the day the followed the “Atlanta rappers run y’all” comments were made public, Maino tweeted that James needed to “be ready” for repercussions and James released a song about his haters and challenges called “L.I.A.A.R.S”

Now a phone conversation between the two rappers has surfaced where Maino says James is back-sliding on how comments and demanded a public apology.

“I just wanted to let you know bruh, I wasn’t disrespecting your city,” James began… before Maino cut him off.

“What you saying now is different from what you was saying on stage,” the New York rapper stressed. “You took away from whatever your opinion was, you unvalidated it right there when you started talking some gangster sh** … Never in the history of my city has a n**** stepped foot on a New York City stage and disrespected the city like you did. This ain’t about me being a bully… this is about right or wrong.”

Listen to the full audio below:



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